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“Secrets of El dorado” video - About the Terra Preta soils of the Amazon - is a 'must see' documentary if you haven't already, runtime 49 mins.

Biochar - agrichar - Terra Preta - Presentation of the potential of biochar to improve the fertility of poor soils, and to sequester carbon.  Focus on Australia. 11 mins

 Part 1 of 2 "The Promise of Biochar" 9 mins

Part 2 of 2 "The Promise of Biochar" 2.2 mins

I have added some TLUD photos to my Flickr account. There are quick selection of photos of my various TLUDs since I started with small tin cans a while back and the bigger drum BBQ versions that I have been working on.

This is the link to the set > TLUD adventures

The workshop photo set on Flickr can be found here



Permaculture Research Institute
Earthcare Education - Robin Clayfield is a very devoted and talented Permaculture designer and teacher.  She is passionate about ‘Dynamic Groups' as well as Permaculture education


American Bamboo Society 
Bamboo Society of Australia
European Bamboo Society
INBAR - (International Network for Bamboo and Rattan)
The International Bamboo Foundation & the Environmental Bamboo Foundation of Indonesia


bamboo victoria - if your looking for cooler climate bamboos for more temperate areas in Australia try Graham's nursery
Bambooweb - an interactive species list built from the ABS source list as a starting point.  A very worthwhile project that is amassing a lot of information and images.
Bambusero - Mark Mortimer's bamboo website in New Zealand.  He makes bamboo furniture, fences, water features
China LinAn Bamboo Product Company

Tai Hei Shakuhachi - Japanese Bamboo Flutes
Plant Name Database - Bamboo Names -  A great site listing the vernacular names including Chinese, Vietnamese and others.  
A World of Bamboo - saxes to teaspoons - Argentina.  We had a slide show of Ángel & his wife's work but now they have there own website.
Bamboo, the All-Rounder in the Kingdom of Plants - A concise overview including information on processing and working with bamboo. by Uli Wahl


ABS Bookstore
Tradewinds Bamboo Nursery Bookstore
Temperate Bamboo Quarterly 
Bamboo Gardener
- Bamboo books, new and used, in print and out of print books.
PROSEA - Plant Resources of South-East Asia


Bambus-Centrum Deutschland 
The Bamboo Garden Nursery - Pacific Northwest, USA


A Modern Herbal - first published in 1931, by Mrs. M. Grieve, contains Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folk-Lore of Herbs.  This is on of the best plant references I have enjoyed and it is now on the WWW.
Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages
- This index comprises information about botanical, chemical, culinary and historical aspects of 85 spices including 1370 vernacular names.
RecipeBookOnline - A growing collection of recipes and a lot of links to other cooking sites. 
Viet World Kitchen - an information hub dedicated to providing knowledge on Vietnamese culinary traditions. There are recipes, articles, reference lists and list of markets and stores to buy Vietnamese food mainly in California.  Hint - These are useful places for plant hunting too.


Weather - SE Queensland
Crystal Waters Permaculture Village
- Location of Earthcare Farm.
Maleny Weather