Nursery Availability & Purchasing

To purchase from our nursery, please first read the information below and if you live somewhere we can send to, please use the Contact Form to let us know what you want and where you live. Thank you

Bamboo - We propagate small plants suitable for mail order and these are either sent bare-rooted by express mail or sometimes in pots sent by courier.  We also dig and divide mature clumps in the spring & early summer. These supply large propagules that will establish faster than small. They are usually sold as single culm divisions and are more expensive, cost more to transport and need to be picked up or shipped soon after digging so some planning is necessary. However the advantage is they do establish much faster. As the Chinese saying goes, "a bamboo that one man can carry will take 10 years to mature and a bamboo that 10 men can carry will take 1 year to establish". Large field grown divisions are available between August & early December. Plantation quantities are available.

Ginger spices and Aquatic food plants - These are generally best purchased during winter dormancy or at the beginning of spring which here corresponds to the period August to November and at the latest by the end of the year.

We do not send to WA & Tas but we can now send Water Chestnuts to Tasmania with appropriate notifications. Just email me for instructions.

International orders are possible but if you need a Phyto Sanitary Certificate there is a $400 minimum charge per consignment.

Regarding the United States please note that - due to a Notice of Quarantine, 7 CFR ยง 319.34, importation into the United States of any variety of bamboo seed, bamboo plants or bamboo cuttings capable of propagation including all genera & species of Bambusea, is prohibited unless in accordance with the law & relevant regulations.

Prices - Catalogue prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and are for small plants suitable for mail order & easy transport. We also supply freshly dug divisions from early spring to about Xmas, price on application. Some plants listed below will be propagated to order (PTO) only, ie. either dug directly from the field or propagated in pots to the specified quantity. Plants are sometimes priced per culm. To avoid disappointments please seek confirmation by phone or email of costs & availability before sending an order or visiting the nursery. Nursery visits by appointment only and preferably on Sundays. Discounts apply to large orders.

Please note: No GST is charged as of  31st Dec, 2000

We are open to exchanging plants for other useful species that we don't have